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Client Drivers – V9.7 FP6 or V10.1 GA

11 Sep

As many of our customers are aware, our general practice is to deliver new features to our client drivers with each FP of the latest LUW server.  This gives us roughly a release every 6 months to drop new function.

It is often the case that the actual GA itself of a new LUW release will not have any new driver function over the latest FP of the previous release – this is the case currently with drivers in V9.7 FP6 vs V10.1 GA.

This is not a negative statement at all with V10.1 GA drivers, but simply the reality that the code stabilization necessary for a major release like V10.1 would mean a delay in delivering new driver features.  Thus, after V9.7 FP5, we chose to put new features in V9.7 FP6.  As a result, V9.7 FP6 has more driver functionality than V10.1 currently, and it is my recommendation that customers use drivers at V9.7 FP6 level for client workstations.  Expect this to continue to be my recommendation until the end of 2012.  Our V9.7 FP6 drivers were fully tested and are fully supported with with V10.1 servers, including support for new V10.1 features such as binary XML.

For customers installing a V10.1 server, and running applications on the server itself, they should simply use the drivers that are part of the V10.1 install, and not install an additional client package on the server machine.  It is generally my recommendation not to have multiple code levels on the same machine (eg. V9.7 FP6 ds driver with V10.1 GA server).