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Client Drivers for DB2 and DB2 Connect – What Level to use …

22 Apr

I wanted to take the opportunity to post an update about my recommendation for driver levels for DB2 Connect and DB2.

First off, the timeframe for this is V10.1 FP2 is available, and V10.5 has been announced. This post will hold valid up until V10.5 is available.

The quick and dirty answer is the latest available driver level we have made enhancements to is V10.1 FP2, thus that is the simple answer.

For a bit more involved answer, given we enhance our drivers about every 6 months, consider the enhancement path our drivers have gone through:

… V9.7 FP4 -> V9.7 FP5 -> V9.7 FP6 -> V10.1 FP2 -> V10.5 GA -> ?

From the above, you can see that the next set of enhancements above what is currently available will be V10.5. Customers in the DB2 for z/OS V11 ESP have been given betas of DB2 Connect V10.5 drivers to test new function against DB2 for z/OS V11. We will not be adding features to the drivers in subsequent V10.1 fixpacks – new features will go into V10.5.

From a driver point of view I just look at us dropping some new function approx every 6 months, the version numbers change to follow the LUW server schedule. I do know that for many customers moving across versions is more of an issue than moving to a FP of the same version, thus for a customer on a high V9.7 FP (FP6 or later), I would want them to carefully consider the content of V10.1 FP2 before upgrading, knowing that the next set of function after V10.1 FP2 would be in V10.5. This is not a statement of any lack of confidence in V10.1 FP2, it is my “simple answer” recommended level, it is simply a statement to avoid customers from making two version upgrades in a row.

For customers using .NET. this is harder as V10.1 FP2 has our support for VS 2012 and .NET 4.5, and we also have a beta for EF 5.0 that runs with V10.1 FP2. Given we will not add new features to V10.1, the eventual GA support for EF 5.0 will not come in V10.1.

I hope this helps lay out the choices.