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IBM Data Server Driver Package for Mac Available!

13 Feb

The IBM Data Server Driver Package (ds driver) has been our best practice client package for DB2 LUW and DB2 Connect customers for quite some time, and also for Informix customers looking for a common driver and the latest support in the .NET environment.

I am pleased to announce that we now have a version of the ds driver available for Mac! As of right now, the download is inside the dashDB console in Bluemix.


It is not being restricted to Bluemix and dashDB, that is simply the first place we have made the download available. I expect an additional download which is more convenient for non-Bluemix customers shortly and will update this blog when it is in place.

The simplest instructions for installing this driver package are in the dashDB docs:


Double click the dmg file, then double click the installer. In addition to runtimes for the standard database APIs (JDBC, ODBC, PHP, etc.) there is also CLPPlus – our command line tool for database scripts – simply navigate to /Applications/dsdriver/bin and run clpplus from there.

We intend to spiff this up more over time, right now we just wanted to get something out there that folks could use to run RStudio with dashDB and experiment with against our other servers. We are looking for feedback, especially on any applications you are trying to use that you may have trouble connecting to. We are interested in hearing about those that work also 🙂


Video Available for Step by Step with IBM Data Server / DB2 Driver Setup on Windows

26 May

One of the most common interactions I have with customers is around our best practices with client packages – what sets of drivers to install, especially on Windows client platforms. For most of our enterprise customers, be it LUW or DB2 connect for DB2 for z/OS or IBM i; the best practice is to use the IBM Data Server Driver Package (ds driver), and have the catalog info and driver properties in the db2dsdriver.cfg file.

Starting back in V9.7 we created a step by step “validate page” to help get folks going with both the ds driver, as well as the dsdriver.cfg file. This has proven to be one of the most popular pages in our info center, and I am please to announce that we have taken this one step further and now have a video walk through available:

For those interested, the latest step by step validate page is here:


I am interested in any feedback about this video, or anything else we can do to improve up and running with our drivers.


Using server side Javascript with node.js and DB2

4 Jan

One relatively new alternative we see folks considering for app servers is server side JavaScript with node.js. My colleague Praveen has created a blog entry with a step by step description of setting up node.js and using it with the node-odbc interface, the Unix open source driver manager and our DB2 ODBC driver.


This specific example just happens to reference DB2 Express, but any of our client packages (for example IBM Data Server Driver Package – ds driver) can be used. This will also work with DB2 LUW and with a DB2 Connect license DB2 for z/OS and IBM i. Our common drivers also support Informix servers.

I am interested in any feedback folks have on the use and importance of solutions such as this.